EXPECT AMAZING invites you to be a part of "A Right to Read"

A new CSR initiative in collaboration with Local Corporates to fund SCHOOL LIBRARIES

Activities which are a part of Corporate Social Responsiblities (CSR) can help in engaging clients/customers, improve brand perception, support employee engagement and help in innovation and collaboration within businesses.

How can you support us?

By contributing £1000 towards a School Library

(School will receive books worth £ 1500+)

What do you get in return?

  • Satisfaction of helping schools replenish their Library & helping the wider community.
  • Potential mention on school material and local press.
  • Book sponsored by ‘company name’ on every book donated
  • An acknowledgement letter from the school.

Case Study of 'A Right to Read' at a school in Ipswich

Receiving School : Clifflane Primary School, Ipswich

Corporate Partner : Brisko Metal Resources, Ipswich


- School received £1,600 worth of books for free

- Brisko Plc contributed £1,000

- ‘Book Funded by Brisko’ sticker on each book

- Press Release

- Social media coverage across Facebook, LinkedIn

- Mention in School Newsletter

Wish to be a part of this CSR ?

Email us on support@expectamazing.co.uk or Call on +44 7711 832668

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