Every child deserves to read.
Every child deserves to own a book, if not several.
Every child deserves to choose their own books.
And sometimes choose for their friends too.
That is our mission at ‘Expect Amazing’.
Books as birthday gifts.
Books as return gifts.
Books as lifelong gifts.
Books to be remembered by.
‘Expect Amazing’ takes the trouble to personalize your book needs, so that you don’t have to.
We research, review, recommend and remember for you, so that you return… to us, again and again.
We’ve grown roots with some of the finest publishers and distributors only so we can bring you the most delectable of discounts… upto 60-80% of RRP. 
We work with charities in their fund raising initiatives. We also work hand in hand with Schools and PTAs in their fund raising initiatives with one key vision ‘Getting Every Child a Book’. 
And once you order, we’ll be wherever you want us to be.

Because, like us, we want you too to Expect nothing less than Amazing.

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