Expect Amazing has recently launched AMAZATHON, a Sponsored Book Bingo that can encourage reading amongst children. 

The Bingo Card will contain 9 challenges and a child would raise 60p for each challenge completed.On completion of all 9 challenges, each child raises £5.40.School has to use the entire amount raised via Amazathon to buy books from us. Every child who completes the challenge gets a FREE BOOK from us, along with the school order. (If the school does not place the books order within 2 weeks of the closing date, the free books offer will not be applicable).

Schools can either select the books and place the order on our website or if you have a wishlist, you can share it with us and we can send you a quote for the same. We can also try and put together book bundles to suit your requirements. 

What we will provide:

  • Bingo Cards (example attached, changes can be made to the activities to suit your specific needs, if required)
  • Instructions to Parents 
  • Posters to put around the School 
  • An excel file where you can add the details of the total amount raised per year group along with the number of students(as per year group) who have completed the challenge.
  • Free books option (The school can select one book for KS1 and one for KS2)


For more details, please email us on support@expectamazing.co.uk

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