Following a very successful book reading bingo last year (Amazathon) we are excited to launch Amaze-a-Swap.
It’s very simple to fund raising initiative like a Mufti Day but with a twist. The child gets to take home a book too as thank you for his/ her generous donation and goes in line with World Book Day as well. 
If a child gets £3 to school he can select 1 book, £5 - 2 books and £10 - 5 books. The school spends the funds raised towards new books for the library or class sets as required taking advantage of Expect Amazing’s part funded prices exclusive to PTAs. 75p/book will be the contribution towards the book that the child selects.
Eg.: if the school raises £600 with 200 children raising £3 each from 1 book. The school gets £450 to spend on book at Expect Amazing taking advantage of the already part funded (further discounted) prices. (Retail value of £450 could be £1300+ depending on book selection)
We will provide you with all the art work for the posters and forms for the children. We will also give you a list of age suitable books that a child can select from.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us on If you'd like to confirm your participation and register for this event, please send us an email confirming the same along with your School/PTA logo to attach on the material.
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